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06-02-2015, 03:40 AM
Derza and I so far, and hopefully more soon.

06-03-2015, 02:56 AM
Was at a basketball all star game type event this past weekend and saw Mo Wilkerson there. He's a big dude in person (not surprisingly).

Speaking of Mo, that Cam Jordan deal probably doesn't help the team's negotiating position. Mo's probably worth more than Jordan. Will be interesting to see what they do with all the depth at the position. I'd love to see him return and have Bowles and Rodgers come up with a way to consistently get him, Richardson, Williams, and possibly Coples on the field together. Won't be surprised if he gets moved though.

09-04-2015, 03:02 PM
'Canes, how are you feeling heading into the season? My feelings are all over the place. Love that Enunwa seems to be carving out a role.

09-05-2015, 10:03 PM
Very mixed. One day I think we're a 9 or 10 win team, and the next I think we could win as little as 6. Fitzpatrick with that WR corps does give me some confidence though.

Yeah, I'm glad Enunwa is stepping up. I remember you being high on him last year.

09-14-2015, 12:25 AM
Nice start to the season. Enunwa was used in an interesting role, blocked a lot but was pretty good at it. Ivory looks like he's going to be solid all season. Powell is solid. Marshall and Decker are going to be solid. Fitzpatrick looked good. Defense wasn't outstanding but settled down a bit after some early errors. Going to be interesting to see how Williams looks with Cro likely out.

04-30-2016, 01:06 AM
Hey Derza! What do you think of Lee and Hackenberg?

Lee seems like a good replacement for Davis.

Hackenberg looks like a high risk, high reward pick.

05-01-2016, 07:45 PM
Hey man!

Lee wasn't the guy I wanted - as we got close to the draft I really wanted Lawson who obviously went one pick before the Jets and then once he was off the board I wanted Treadwell. But Lee was a guy I liked and I think it's a solid pick. Ultimately the Jets' linebackers have been really, really slow and having a guy in the middle who can be a 3 down guy and do some stuff in coverage (the sub-4.5 40 is absurd) will be really useful.

Hackenberg - ultimately I don't know enough to have a really informed opinion. Plan on going back and watching the games that are available. I think based on what I've been able to piece together I'm one part cautiously optimistic and another part concerned. You see flashes of great throws with guys in his face, ability to process information at the line of scrimmage, and I think the last two years they messed with his mechanics a little and asked him to do stuff that didn't really fit his skill set. But on the flip side while you can blame his mechanics all you want, he badly misses some easy, easy throws and that continued on his pro day when in theory he should have been able to clean things up. If you can fix that awesome because the baseline is there, but I'm not sure what the cause is or how much you can fix it. Like you said, high risk high reward.

I loved the Jenkins pick. Looks like a tough S.O.B., team captain, heavy hands, good strength at the P.O.A., not going to wow you with athleticism or production but has a little explosiveness to him and overall just solid. I think he steps right in and starts right away given the team's OLB depth chart and you can flip flop him and Mauldin in terms of roles. Was actually the guy I wanted at 51 based on how the board fell so to get him in the third round was pretty sweet.

Burris I think is a solid selection. The CB depth chart is kind of unsettled right now and if everything breaks right he might even be able to push for a starting role or at least early play time. This feels like a case where they knew what they wanted and went and got it. Bigger guy with length, athleticism, bulk, and a little long speed - think he should have a solid chance to develop as an outside corner and love that he'll be able to pick Revis' brain a little. Could definitely see him developing into a solid #2 which would be great to get out of a 4th round pick.

Shell I'm interested to see how he develops. This is the second straight year of a jumbo SEC offensive lineman who theoretically has some upside but doesn't really play to it in the 5th round. Harrison had talent I loved but obviously didn't do anything last year. Maccagnan said he thinks Shell has starter traits - Giacomini could easily be pushed for that starting spot obviously. My personal theory is they had a grouping of tackles they wanted and were comfortable moving up for the last one on the board if need be - Benenoch and Haeg came off the board shortly before they made the jump for Shell. Also Maccagnan was talking about potential comp picks after they traded the pick to go up and get Shell - I hope they get them because my understanding of the formula is they won't. But would love to be wrong.

Edwards - I honestly don't know enough about punters but the Jets do need one for sure. Seems like Hackett the UDFA from Utah could push him so that battle could be fun.

Was really excited about the Peake pick. Big, fast, athletic. Needs to stay healthy obviously but I was surprised to land him in the 7th. Kind of like Antonio Allen a few years ago. The wide receiver depth chart is so top heavy I think if things break right he could easily push for snaps as a rookie. Good situation.

Lots of interesting UDFA's too - though I'm sure intriguing ones will emerge beyond the ones who jump out to me. Three receivers who could easily push for roster spots. Bundrage is apparently extremely shifty and has a good size-speed combo. Hopefully he's able to improve further coming off a 2014 injury. Marshall didn't test well but supposedly is a good punt returner and put up some numbers - young guy and new to the position. And Anderson out of Temple had great pro day numbers plus solid production. Middleton seems like an athletic DB to throw into the mix as well and I think the depth chart at safety could easily be cracked. Don't imagine Beckham does much but he'll get plenty of attention.

Should be an interesting year. Whether or not Fitzpatrick comes back is going to be a huge question.

Ultimately I think this is kind of a rebuild on the fly year that leaves the Jets kind of well positioned in 2017 with cap space and some young talent at key positions. Linebackers are basically set - Mauldin and Jenkins on the outside, Reilly is a nice depth guy to have, and Lee is your athletic 3 down inside guy. Aside from that you need a two down thumper and that's not something you need to invest a lot in. Safeties should be set as well with Gilchrist and Pryor. Defensive line will be basically set with Richardson and Williams - never know maybe Wilkerson gets extended at some point and surprises us. Simon gives some youth at NT and again like the 2 down ILB if you need to find a solid NT it's not something a premium needs to be invested in. Look where Billings went. Corner, Revis is declining a bit but I would guess he may still be around. Other than him there's a lot of youth and hopefully the cream rises to the top there and some talent emerges. But if not it can be addressed.

Then offensively the running backs and wide receivers should in theory be set with Forte, Powell, Marshall, and Decker though there could be a little decline. Three wide you've got Enunwa and presumably some other guys (Peake, maybe Smith late in the year) who will be getting live game reps. Offensive line is kind of a rebuild on the fly - Carpenter should be steady at LG and hopefully Mangold is still around. Clady you need to stay healthy. Hopefully a guard (Dozier, Harrison, Winters, etc) emerges in addition to a right tackle (Shell, Qvale) but there seem to be young guys the team likes. Tight end is a black hole, and obviously there are three young quarterbacks.

I realize all of that exists this year as well but I think some of the youth at linebacker and corner may go through some growing pains. The offensive line is kind of rebuilding on the fly and I think that could cause some hiccups. Also think the team got very lucky with mostly good health from Marshall and Decker last year - the offense is so reliant on having big time perimeter threats to take the pressure off basically everyone (run game, quarterback, other pass catchers, offensive line) and without that you run the risk of some issues. Which is part of why I really wanted to improve at receiver - though Peake is nice. And obviously quarterback is a huge question mark. But the team seems to be set up to take some lumps this year and come back solid the year following. We will see. Should be interesting to follow as always.

04-28-2017, 07:23 PM
Really liked the Jamal Adams pick at 6. From the very little college football I watched this year, I felt like he was the best defensive player in this draft class.

Interested to see what direction they go in tonight.